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07/04/2013 (19:00 - 23:00) · Cologne · Rheinterrassen

Stars and Stripes

Summer Party

Cologne: »4th of July Party«

This year the Amerika Haus e.V. NRW celebrated the American Independence Day with the newly traditional 4th of July Party with a barbecue, live music and a big fireworks display.

Guests enjoyed authentic American cuisine, jazz music and interesting conversations in the Rheinterrassen.

Closing this delightful evening was a large fireworks display, that included letters spelling out "USA" to light up the night sky.

Newspaper articles:
- "Independence-Day" in Köln Amerika-Haus lädt zur Party, Kölner Wochenspiegel (26.06.2013)
- 4th of July Party announcement, Freundin (14/2013)
- "Ein Fenster über den Atlantik", Kölner Wochenspiegel (11.07.2013)
- Press report 4th of July Party, Kölnische Rundschau (06.07.13)
- "4. Juli mit BBQ im Amerika Haus", Kölner Stadtanzeiger (
- "Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft", WELT am SONNTAG (07.07.13)
-"Mäzenin mit amerikanischen Wurzeln", BUNTE (11.07.13)

A warm thank you to our partners

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Fourth of July in Cologne from an American Perspective

I find it interesting that one of my favorite 4th of July holidays to date has been this year when I celebrated it in Cologne at the Rheinterrassen.  Normally, I spend this holiday at a picnic in Pennsylvania, but as a summer intern for Amerika Haus this year, I participated in their annual 4th of July Party.  

Throughout the morning of the 4th, I helped decorate the beautiful Rheinterrassen and as I hung up the banners of American flags, I began to anticipate the fun evening ahead, especially because of the sunny, warm weather we were fortunate to have for this day. I enjoyed greeting the guests as they walked in and loved seeing everyone decked out in red, white, and blue.  From red high heels, to blue suits, to wearing an American flag as a scarf, the guests looked perfect for the event!   The friendly atmosphere of the guests was contagious and I found myself constantly smiling as I walked around the party to admire the decorations. Jeane Freifrau von Oppenheim and General Consul Stephen A. Hubler gave opening remarks to start the party and I was fortunate to listen to their welcoming speeches.

When it was time for dinner, the smell of burgers made me feel like I was at a BBQ back in the United States.  It was relaxing to sit and eat my dessert while seeing a stunning view of Cologne’s famous cathedral across the Rhine River.  After waiting until it was finally dark enough outside, a bright fireworks display closed the evening and even the letters “USA” lit up the night sky.  As I heard our Star Spangled Banner played by the talented Mary-Castle Jazz Band, I felt a sense of pride to be an American and could reflect on what this day actually meant. Most of the time I simply associate picnics with the 4th of July and ignore the true significance, but it is really about celebrating our independence and that we are free.  As the guests wandered out of the Rheinterrassen at the end of the night, I could tell they had a pleasant evening like I did.

Thank you Amerika Haus for making me feel like I was home for the 4th of July even though I was miles away.

MaryBeth Sadow
Amerika Haus Intern

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